Team Spirit

Emily’s soccer trainer asked for a scarf.

In our club colors.

He said he is allergic to wool, so I had to hunt for a suitable non-animal-fiber yarn. I asked Amy Singer (of via Twitter if she had any recommendations, since I know she’s the non-wool-yarn guru!

She suggested Berroco Comfort. It’s 50% superfine Nylon, and 50% superfine Acrylic. It’s very soft & squishy, and even with the weight of the scarf, seems like it won’t stretch too much.

I used the basics of the Hogwarts Scarf pattern.

And then knit & knit & knit. A lot of stockinette later:


I was happy it was finished! Scarves take forever.

Happy trainer:

I’ll be seeing my scarf out on the fields a lot this Spring!

Here a Mitt, There a Mitt

My annual Knitting Retreat was this past weekend.

I started and finished 3 projects, along with working on a scarf-in-progress.

Just before the retreat, I finished yet another Bengals-themed Beer Mitt.


During the retreat, I started and finished 3 more.

Black & White:

I think this must be for an Ohio State fan:

And one for my Green Bay Packers fan coworker:

I’m getting a little burned out on these. Since football season is winding down, I think I may be just about done until next year!


I wanted to do something special with the edging on the baby blanket. Since the main pattern is very basic, I thought it needed a little something to finish it off.

My instincts said to make a ruffled edge.

So once I was on the last ball of yarn, and finished a section, I switched over to the darker color. I increased into every stitch, doubling the stitch count.

[And then I cursed myself for the next 3 rows for taking what was already a ton of stitches and doubling them!]

On the next to last row, I increased 1 of ever 4 stitches again, then bound off.

It made a pretty cute little ruffle.





Pattern: Fuss Free Baby Blanket by Louise Tilbrook
Yarn: Rowan Handknit DK Cotton
Needles: US 7, Knit Picks Harmony and Denise Interchangeables
Started: November 25, 2013
Finished: December 30, 2013

Another Beer Mitt

These things are popular.


Got the stadium in the background!

This is the Men’s size. It’s a little tall for cans, but will be fine for bottles. I may adjust the pattern next time so it’s not quite so tall.

New lights

4 of my 6 strands of tree lights didn’t light this year. So we had to venture out on Black Friday to buy more.

Got 8 strands just in case!


Let there be light.

Ready to go!

Turkeys done. Pork loin done. Cranberry-apple relish done. Bread for stuffing cubed, and onions & celery chopped. House is clean. Cat and kids are clean. Just furniture arranging, table setting, green bean making, and stuffing making for tomorrow.